Friday, June 8, 2007

TTT touchdown!!!!!!!!!!

And it's official, I'm not a business!!! Hehe.

My TTT stuff was good for me, got honour in death play set and Kharma in Death playset (after some trading with JP).

Hoping to get my third assign blame this saturday. Hmmm, assign blame...kill a courtier and it's YOUR fault, hehehehehe

On the work front, matters have gotten better. We're finally semi integrated and just about ready for End to End testing. Just as well, because my cape town jaunt starts 18 June. Yep, I'll be commuting 3000 km each week *snickers*

Kushiel's Justice release date is almost upon us...I can hardly wait.

I'll post a workflow post soon, almost done with Programming Windows Workflow Foundation by K. Scott Allen, which is a great book if anyone is interested.

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